Finding the Best Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is never easy, because it is such a crucial part of your website and company identity. Whether you are opening an online store, or you want to start a personal blog, your domain name is everything about your online presence. It is the name that everyone is going to remember, and it is what will be associated with your content and/or services. That is why finding the best domain name is a process that you must navigate in the right way.

Pick Wisely

It is always a good idea to come up with a list of four or five potential domain names. Make sure you are going with names that are relevant to what your site is about. For instance, if you are opening an online store where you will sell niche electronic products, ensure your name is somehow related to those products. It will be a lot easier for your customers to connect the dots between your name and the products, and it will allow them to remember your site much easier.

Keep It Short

The best domain names are the ones that are short and to the point. You do not want a long or winding domain name, as no one is going to remember it. Each time they think about going on your site, a customer is going to Google half of your name since they will have forgotten the rest. So ensure you are keeping it short and catchy.

Another good idea is to check WHOIS to make sure that your ideal domain name is not already taken. If the domain name is available, or if it is up for sale by its current owner, you can purchase the domain and be a step closer to starting up your very own website.